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Behind the scenes at inkylines.

In 2018 I participated in the inktober challenge; one ink drawing a day the entire month October!

6 drawings of Texel icons that you will encounter in the nature of this beautiful island.

A series of impressive wildlife that lives in the nature in Africa.

Sun, sea, sand and seashells; this reminds me of summer. And for that special summer feeling I made this shell illustration, and it is free to download!

In this blog post I will take you into the process of creating a drawing!

A paradise for butterflies, a nesting area for birds and one of the largest peat bogs in the Netherlands, that is Bargerveen.

Spring has arrived and I have drawn a tulip that you can download for free!

It has been four weeks since my webshop went live and time has flown by so fast!

After a few months of designing, building and illustrating, it's finally there, my own webshop!

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